1st hour poetry terms and assignment

Poetic license –freedom to write with or without grammatical rules in poetry.

Rhymed Verse—poetry with rhyme usually at the end of each line.

Free Verse—Poetry with no rhyme or rhythm.

Assignment 1…Dual Poetry     Rhymed Verse and Free Verse


In this assignment you are writing pretty much the same poem in two different ways.

First write it in rhymed verse. Be sure your poem has a rhyme scheme.

Second, write pretty much the same poem but in free verse. The lines should NOT rhyme at all. It will be on the same topic as the rhymed poem, but should have a different feel and tone because it no longer rhymes. Do not rewrite it word for word, but instead rephrase it without the restriction of rhyme.


Here are your three choices for a topic:

  1. Snow days
  2. The first day of school
  3. The last day of school






Good News

Phone call in the early morning and no one’s dead,

I’m trying to believe what my brother said,

There’s an inch of ice under a half foot of snow,

I went from having three quizzes to not having to go,

I picture the buses all buried deep,

Then I pull the covers and try to go back to sleep,

My stomach starts to growl and my appetite is shakin’,

Oh no she didn’t, my Mom started cookin’ bacon!

White Blessing

Ringing phone as I pray no one has passed,

My brother screaming but I still can’t understand him,

The weather has glazed the sidewalk, the streets, and even my window,

The quiz papers will stay blank and white like the ground outside,

Buses rest with flake blankets creeping up their tires,

My covers creep back up to my grinning tired face,

Silence except for a skillet in the kitchen and now my stomach,

Mother’s bacon is my only assignment today!

*This assignment is due Thursday.  Type it if your writing isn’t great.


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