Today’s poetry notes

Couplet2 lines of end rhyme

Limerick5 line poem with rhyme scheme of AABBA. Originated from England in 18th Century. Traditionally obscene in content.

There once was a girl from Ladue

Who only wore one shoe

She was warned and told

That her foot would grow cold

But still didn’t have a clue.

Sometimes you can play with the convention to add humor…


There once was a student from Marquette,

Who tried always to be teacher’s pet,

He copied off Jeff

Which earned him an F

And now he’s in deep…trouble

  • Most commonly anapestic trimeter (3 beats) for lines 1, 2 and 5.
  • Lines 3 and 4 are usually shorter and have a different rhythm (2 beats)

Couplet – two line stanza
Triplet – three line
Quatrain – four line
Quintet – five line

Sestet – six line
Septet – seven line
Octave – eight line

Stanzaic Form—using the structure to help portray the content or tone of the stanza.


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