Have a great spring break!

(If you’re here every day you can probably skip to the bottom.)

I am exhausted.  This year I’ve easily had the best behaved students in my teaching career, but I believe other than that year I spent teaching inner-city, the attendance is the worst I’ve ever dealt with.  I realize some students have deeper things they’re working out and have communicated with me, that’s not who I’m addressing here.  I’m addressing the ones who “get sick” three or more times a year.  The ones who check out an hour before my class habitually.  The ones who are gone for whatever reason and then wait until the last possible moment to find out what they missed (close to a week after they were out when I put a 0 in Infinite Campus.  Those are the students who have exhausted me.  I’m spending more time and energy on the students who aren’t here, than those who are.  For example, when you miss a test like the one for A Midsummer Night’s Dream which took place a week ago you have several options.  Email me, talk to me, or check this blog.  Some of you did and were instructed to go to the testing room Tuesday or Thursday morning, or Wednesday after school.  If none of those options worked you were to talk to me.  I repeated this in class all this week including right before we took our practice EOC Monday in the library.  I took the time to fill out a form for your test, take it across the building to the Flex Room, go get it, grade it, etc.  Some of you still didn’t take it.

Creative Writing:  I can’t make that class any easier.  I’ve looked at the schedules of those who are “struggling” to get things turned in.  You’re seniors who are barely taking any core classes this semester.  If you can’t handle my creative writing class with your alleged work load, guess what–you’re nowhere near being able to handle a college work load or a workload of whatever you plan on doing to be successful after school.  Work ethic isn’t something you can turn on and off–actually it is, but it’s been engraved in you over these last few years so that switch is rusted to whatever mode it’s on right now.

I have zero sympathy because the students I’m dealing with are repeat offenders.  You’ve robbed me and your classmates of time that I could’ve spent towards them in one way or another.

To the other 90% of you–thank you for showing up every day.  Thank you for being responsible.  Thank you for developing a great work ethic.

To everyone, I’ve enjoyed this year of teaching more than my previous three and you’re the biggest reason why.  Let’s keep it going and finish these last nine six weeks very strong!


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