Reading and Quiz schedule

Honors–especially kids on the orchestra journey!  Lord of the Flies Quiz ch 1-3 will be in the testing room (flex room) before school on Tuesday or Thursday (preferably Tuesday) OR after school same place on Wednesday.  Next week you’ll need to be through chapter 6 on the Tuesday/Wednesday block.  I will remind you of this on Monday.  Testing room requires a photo ID and that you get there before 7:45 in the morning.


It’s a short day so there’s meetings in the morning, we have to take a practice EOC during class and get to a vital (yes “vital”) subject/verb lesson, and I have golf practice right after school, so…sorry.  I don’t like giving quizzes during class because it’s impossible to monitor everything.

1st hour–Your next reading quiz will be through chapter 6 on Wednesday.  If you missed the reading quiz today, see above for testing room taking.

All classes will have a vocab quiz on unit 10 on Thursday–no school Friday!


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