Independent Novel Unit

Tests today so that means a new unit starts as soon as you finish filling in that last circle!

Here it is–I’ll provide dates soon.  Start reading.  If you finish a book, read another!

Independent Novel Unit

Journal—This should be a new notebook with nothing else in it. You’ll be given time in class to read and write responses to various prompts several times a week. Often times I will ask you to turn in a certain entry, so be sure you start each one on a new page. Please put a higher amount of thought to your responses to earn full credit. You should also list what page you’re on out of how many are in the book as well as the date. For example, April 23 page 56/312. Some days I will check it, some days I won’t. It’s important that you give your best effort every day.

10-9 points—Student gave full effort and answered the prompt to best ability. Student was able to give specific examples from the text and showed progress from previous entries.

8-6 points—Student gave only somewhat effective effort and didn’t answer prompt completely with examples.

5-0 points—Student only summarized book without answering prompt completely. Minimal effort given.

Presentation—This will be your infomercial on your book. You’ll get 5 to 15 minutes to convince us that the book you read should be bought (whether you believe it or not, sell it!). Be sure to follow the rubric carefully. This can be done solo or in a group of up to three people. Groups may cover a series (one person is responsible for a book) or a common author. If you have a group of three, at least two books in a series or by an author must be covered. No group of three can only cover one book.

(50 points)

Timed Write—Towards the end of the unit I’ll present a list of prompts to choose from for you to write four paragraphs about with your book. This will serve as the final assessment of the unit and most likely be your final writing grade of the year. Standard writing rubric applies. (40 points)

Bonus—Each student will be given a bookmark where he or she can list and rate three books. When you fill up a bookmark, it goes on the wall towards your class total. Students who post the most bookmarks will win prizes.


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