Sorry, sorry, sorry–I know the absences are causing a headache.  It’s golf’s fault–it’s just how our season works.  We cram it all in a month’s time and it causes me to miss a lot of days.  Again, sorry.  I’ll get grades updated soon–I’ve had a few other distractions (we’re getting our first home, etc.) so again, sorry.  I know, excuses, excuses!

Here are the Thursday/Friday prompts for independent reading that we’ll do in class.  I will collect via Google Share for 1st hour, and on paper via sub from the honors blocks.  This is 15 points so if you miss Thursday or Friday, be sure to do them.


  1. Earlier in the year we talked about the point in a story when a conflict reaches its highest point. This is called the climax. For your independent novel, briefly tell me what the conflict of the book was and then describe the climactic moment as well as a brief summary of the outcome.
  1. Authors often use descriptive details to develop a setting for several purposes. In paragraph, explain how the setting of your book related to events from the plot, related to characters, or built suspense.

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