MIA, sorry!

Last week each class was given a prompt or two to write about.  First hour needs to double-space a page to answer one or both of these prompts:

  1. Compare your protagonist with a character we’ve read about this year (preferably another protagonist, but any major character will work). Choose either the two or three paragraph format to describe which traits they share or are opposites about.
  2. Is your protagonist likable? If so, what makes him/her likable? What would you improve about them if you could? What trait would you borrow from them if you could? What friend or acquaintance do they remind you of? How so?

For honors:  You may use that prompt as well if you haven’t written about that already.  Otherwise, use these:

  1. Authors often use descriptive details to develop a setting for several purposes. In paragraph, explain how the setting of your book related to events from the plot, related to characters, or built suspense.
    1. Discuss the author’s use of figurative language. Identify two examples of figurative language from the novel.       Why did the author use these examples? What impact does the figurative language have on characterization, description of setting, mood, foreshadowing, theme, or the novel overall?

You can share them on Google Drive with me or print them out.  Have these no later than Wednesday!


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