The Novel Presentation for all classes…

Honors will begin on the 11th, first hour on the 12.  UNLESS, the golf team makes it to sectionals, then they need me to work that tournament so you’ll get an extra day to prep.

Sophomore Language Arts Novel Presentations


You have just completed reading a novel (or more), and now it is time to present your understanding of the novel to the class. You will be required to create, produce, and perform a 5-15 (I’ll let you go longer if you need to) minute presentation to inform us about your book. Here are the most popular options:

*Talk show—A host could interview a character (or two) from the book to get to the real issues. Through this discussion the audience would learn the conflict, setting, characters, and basic plot of the book without giving the resolution away.

*Infomercial—This format is better suited for solo acts. Become one of those (slightly annoying) salespeople who swear that EVERYONE should read your book choice. You can also become a character. Again, the audience should hear about the basics of this novel through your sales pitch. Don’t give away the ending! Incorporate props, costumes, or even music to get your point across. Get creative and think outside of the box! (pardon the cliché)

*Movie Trailer—Scared to perform live? You (and your group if you have one) can film a short movie that serves as a trailer to the book. If you have the know-how and the patience, you can turn any book into a blockbuster-looking movie in a few hours of hard work. Be sure to use costumes and anything else that will sell your book.

*Other options—Got a better idea than the three above? Go for it—just talk it over with me first.

1 person—4-6 minutes     2 people 5-8 minutes     3 people 8-15 minutes

Groups are optional and limited to 3 people. You may join a group who shares an author, book in series, similar genre, or theme with your book (I’m pretty loose on this).

Each presentation must include:

  • title and author
  • central conflict and some reference to the setting
  • Some sort of setting or costumes—props are a good idea too
  • Flair—bells and whistles, or some type of sound/visual effect would be great. The audience should be impressed with something in your presentation.
  • Powerpoints and Prezis are okay, but they should only be a portion of the presentation. These need to be different!
·         45 points will be weighed into your writing and reading grade (.5 weight for each) 15-13 12-11 10-0
Elements Plot, setting, conflict, characters, genre, author, and other basic info about the book(s) are covered (no spoilers please!) A few missing elements but everything else is covered A lot of missing elements, not enough information about the book
Communicating Elements are delivered in a clever, original way that informs and entertains audience Some elements are delivered in a clever, original way. One or two are just “told” to audience Elements are recited in a dull method, such as reading off of a PPT slide.
Preparation and Flair Presentation blows us away. It fulfilled time requirements and entertained. A few bells and whistles, but a bit bland at some parts. Yawn!

Other suggestions:

-Acting out the inciting action or an important scene.

-Interviewing characters and letting them show us indirect characterization

-Someone becoming the author of the book(s) and letting them interact with the audience or the characters.

-A class activity that somehow puts us in the setting of your book(s)

-Music video?

-Put a character on the witness stand in a mock trial


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