1st hour writing prompt for final exam

“Only when we are no longer afraid to die do we begin to live.”

                                                                   -Dorothy Thompson

Choose a main character from The Odyssey, Antigone, Night, or After the First Death who you believe exemplifies this statement. Create a well-developed essay of 3 to 4 paragraphs.


Interesting lead-in or hook

Identification of main character


Significant background information (literal meaning)

Thesis statement (do not simply restate the prompt)

Body Paragraphs (at least 1, but 2 is better)

-A clear topic sentence that provides reason for your

character choice

-Details from the literature (include at least 2 direct quotes or details—obviously you can paraphrase or summarize their actions. I’m not looking for an exact word-for-word quote)

-Well-developed commentary

Conclusion paragraph

-Provide a sense of closure – do not add new information.

20 points



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