Attention editors!

First of all, thank you so much for your hard work on this upcoming assignment.  I’ve changed a few people last-minute (that group of 7 for Marky’s story has been reduced because I needed some elsewhere), so use the story that was sent to you.  Be sure you’re in “suggesting” mode.  Click that little pen in the top right and make that green for suggestions only.

Focus on punctuation.  That’s the main goal of this.  Other than verb tense and forgotten words/typos, there shouldn’t be a lot of rephrasing.  Dialogue is the main problem so if you need help GO HERE.

Remember, we’re NOT indenting paragraphs.  They still exist, but do not indent them and do not add any extra spaces between paragraphs.

If you have comments about the story (which I imagine you will), please save them all for the end.  Do not make any smart-*** remarks because at some point you may have face to face contact with this student.  Remember how it feels to put your work out there.  I’ll admit that not all of them have put in 100% effort, but you must assume they have.  This is a very important job that I’m trusting you with and as a result, your name will be appear on Amazon under their book’s listing.  Do your best!

If you finish early, please help with another group.  This is a team effort and I’m grading the class as a whole.


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