Vocab quiz on Friday

Thursday is a C day so Friday will be an A day. Everyone will take the quiz that day.

Papers are also due at the end of the day Friday.


How to access databases from home…

I was going to copy and paste all these links, but we only have them on paper, and there’s a much easier way.

Go to the library and ask for a blue handout that has all of the passwords and resources listed.  They’re pretty basic.


Keep researching

By now you should have your researched several ideas and narrowed things down.  Remember, we need to know what is causing America to be so unhealthy.  So if you pick a disease, like diabetes for example, find some CDs as to what’s making the rate increase in America and what can be done about it.

If it’s a mental health issue like anxiety–why has it increased recently, and what can be done about it?

Want to blame fast food?  Give me raw data about what the industry is doing and what changes need to be made.

Teen suicide?  Has it increased?  What do the sources say is causing the increase?   What in our society is causing the increase?  What can be done to change that.


Finishing up Song of Solomon

Today we’ll turn in the chapter 10 and 11 worksheets and discuss these two chapters.  You need to finish the book over break if you haven’t already.

The test will be next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the timed write is going to be the Thursday and Friday after that.  We’ll cover the last few chapters on Monday.  If you didn’t get the worksheet, it’s on Classroom to be downloaded.

Have a good break!


This week

Today (and tomorrow for 4th hour) is our quiz on Song of Solomon ch 1-3, then our very next class we’ll quiz chapter 4 so keep reading.  We’ll look at three short stories with Magical Realism today and get a little more background on the genre itself.  No vocab this week.

I’m also considering a short writing prompt so be sure to be ready to write for points!


Song of Solomon and Life of Pi

Magical Realism starts today after our AFD test.  We won’t be going over vocab words this week even though the quiz is still Thursday/Friday so the studying is up to you alone!  I wanted to get you started into the book.  If you need extra help on adverbs or the words, come see me beforehand (morning or afternoon)…not as I’m handing out the quiz.

First quiz for SOS will be next Tues/Wed over chapters 1-3, Life of Pi 1-30.  Take careful notes!  Especially when it comes to names and flight.

It’s a great book, but it’ll take more effort than usual.